Thursday, June 15, 2017

Struggling to Make Money Abroad, Mexico Part 2

I call this stage Mexico, Part 2. I returned for another six months in Mexico starting on June 11th. Before that, I needed to renew my visa so I went back to my parents in California for a week. It was a week of nothing but family, friends, and shopping. Now I'm back here in the Mexican capital, Mexico City and my current struggle is: How do I support myself abroad? 

Exploring my options, I've decided to go the Internet route. I'm going to keep on chugging along here on the Internet and dig my way to fresh water. Here are a couple things I'm currently digging into:

Blogger. This is the site that I'm starting my blogging with (if I haven't archived and transferred all my posts onto my own website yet). Inspired by the stories of Caz and Brian Lofrumento, I'm going to keep on posting and updating my website. It gives me joy thinking about this website as part of my own business. I never thought I'd create a business but that's the mindset I have to have. Archiving and crafting my history here on Blogger will at least let me keep a public journal for my family and friends to follow but also my own record in case I would like to pursue a Master's Degree in music or language. From this blog, I hope to document more and more of my musical journey as well as my language learning journey.

I've sent in my application yesterday. I first discovered this website while trying to look for language learning resources. So many people redirected me to this. In the past, I was pretty miserly with it because I only took a few classes of Cantonese and Indonesian and then quickly gave up. Part of the reason was from embarrassment... but now that I'm here in Mexico City, I've gotten some experience teaching English to foreigners and people like Benny Lewis from his website, Fluent in 3 Months, advertised this option for earning money abroad. Another company I'm going to apply to is wyzant.

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